Listed to the right are all the books authored by Dale Johnson since 1996 (Inside cc:Mail). 

Some of the books listed are old and out of print while others are just being written.

Dale took a break from writing and restarted the Inside series in 2009 with 'Inside to WFBS 6.0'.  He has continued his Inside series with at least 4 books a year since.

In 2012 Dale tried is hand at some Sci-Fi (Outside series) and Gaming style books (AfterWorld series) and is continuing with them in his spare time.

Stay Tuned here for updates on his published works.

More Books by Dale Johnson



- Coming in 2015
     - Inside ScanMail Mobile Security
     - Inside Endpoint Application Control 2.0


Inside OSCE 11.0 with TMCM 6.1
- Inside OSCE 11 SP1 Upgrade Guide     
      - Inside OSCE 10.6 SP2
      - Inside OSCE 10.6 (Retired)
Inside Control Manager 5.5 (Retired)

Inside Worry Free 9.0 with Exchange
      - Inside Worry Free 8.0
      - Inside Worry Free 7.0 (Retired)
      - Inside Worry Free 6.0 (Retired)

- Inside Cloud App Security for Office 365

- Inside InterScan Web Suite 6.5
  with IWSVA 6.5, IWSaaS, and IWSH
       - Inside InterScan Web Security Virtual Appli 6.0

- Inside Trend Micro Mobile Security 9.0

Inside ScanMail for Exchange 11
     - Inside ScanMail for Exchange 10.2 (Retired)

- Inside NacWall (Retired)
- Inside cc:Mail (Retired)


- Outside Protocols
- Outside Orbit
- Outside Self
- AfterWorld Diaries: Book 1
AfterWorld Diaries: Book 2